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Colgate Triple Action Original Mint 175g x 2
Darlie Double Action Toothpaste (Jumbo Size) 250g
Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Great Regular Flavour Toothpaste 250g
Colgate Toothpaste Optic White 100g
Neem active toothpaste 200g
Darlie Double Action Toothpaste 100g
Sensodyne Repair and Protect Extra Fresh Toothpaste 100g
Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Fresh Cool Mint Toothpaste 75g
Colgate Fresh Mint Toothpaste 250g
Sensodyne repair&prot whitening 100g
Ob 50M Essential Mint Waxed Dental Floss 1pack
Colgate Toothbrush Zig Zag (Soft) B3G2F 1pack
Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal Toothbrush 1pack
Systema Compact Toothbrush Soft 3pcs/pack
Colgate Advance whitening 160g
Colgate tooth paste o/white plus shine 100g
Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Great Regular Favour Toothpaste 100g
Colgate Twister Toothbrush (Soft) 1pack
Parodontax Daily Fluoride Toothpaste 80g
Colgate Advanced Whitening Toothpaste 160g x 2
Listerine Total Care Mouthwash 250ml
Oral B tooth and Gum Care Toothpaste 100ml
Systema Big Head Toothbrush 3pcs/pack
Systema Comfort Toothbrush 3pcs/pack
Listerine Original Mouthwash 750ml
Sensodyne repair & protect ori toothpaste 2x100g
Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Fresh Cool Mint Toothpaste 100g
Sensodyne Complete Protection Extra Fresh Toothpaste 100g
Systema Advance Extreme Clean Breath Toothpaste 130g x 2
Systema super value pack 3s sensitive
Sensodyne Complete Protection Toothpaste 100g
Colgate total 12 -prof whitening  150g*1
Listerine Cool Mint Mouthwash 750ml x 2
Save 48%
Save 48%
Colgate Total Plaque Release Gentle Fragrant Mint 95g
Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste 30g
Darlie Double Action Toothpaste 225g x 2
Jordan Classic Medium Toothbrush 3pcs/pack
Dentiste Plus White Premium and Natural White Intensive Whitening Treatment Toothpaste 100g
Systema Advance Deep Clean Whitening Toothpaste 130g x 2
Systema Advance Extra Gum Protection Toothpaste 130g x 2
Save 2%
RM 18.99 RM 19.40
Listerine healthy white 750ml
Oral-b u/t black tea 3s blister

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