Frozen Poultry

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Ayamas English Breakfast Sausages 340g
Ramly Beef Burger 420g
KLFC Crispy Chicken Popcorn 400g
Dara Lean Minced Chicken 400g
Gourmet Chef Chicken Breakfast Sausage 1kg
Farms Best Smoked Chicken Frankfurters 340g
Gourmet Chef Chicken Jumbo 1kg
Ayamas Red Hot Crispy Fried Chicken 850g
First Pride Tempura Chicken Strip with Cheese 500g
Ramly Chicken Frankfurter 340g
Farms Best Chicken Cocktail 1kg
Ramly Chicken Ball 800g
Farms Best Chicken Meatballs 850g
Gourmet Chicken Jumbo Cheese and Herb 1kg
Dara Prima 70 Chicken Burger 70g x 6
Chicken Patty 150g

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